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ABQDog on the Road - Spring Bluebonnets in Texas

ABQDog on the Road - Spring Bluebonnets in Texas

Spring Bluebonnets in Texas

I've always wanted to see the heralded bluebonnets in Texas, and what better place to be in late April than surrounded by a carpet of gorgeous blue flowers? So I grabbed my favorite traveling companion and headed for the Gulf. (Here's more information on where to find these Texas beauties.)

Stumpy Hamilton
First stop was Lubbock, where Newman relaxed in shady Stumpy Hamilton Park,

Happy Newman with Bluebonnets
then down on Route 84, we hit bluebonnet gold! They were everywhere, and Newman decided he really liked these blue flowers!

pond Newman
But there were also some great ponds nearby

Newman says Good-bye
and Newman's already looking forward to next year's trip!