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Adopt a Dog

Adopt A Dog

July 4th - 10th, 2022

Save a Life: Adopt, Don't Shop!

We make every effort to ensure accuracy, but please call to confirm dates and times

Remember to be safe & wear a mask

Etsy doodle dog face mask

Adoption Clinics


noon - 5 pm: Going to the Dogs (& Cats) Resale Shop & Adoption Center, Cottonwood Mall, Watermelon Mountain Ranch

noon - 5 pm: Going to the Dogs (& Cats) Resale Shop & Adoption Center, Cottonwood Mall, Watermelon Mountain Ranch

noon pm: Greek Night II at United Soccer Game, 1601 Avenida Cesar Chavez SE, Watermelon Mountain Ranch

noon - 5 pm: Going to the Dogs (& Cats) Resale Shop & Adoption Center, Cottonwood Mall, Watermelon Mountain Ranch

noon - 5 pm: Going to the Dogs (& Cats) Resale Shop & Adoption Center, Cottonwood Mall, Watermelon Mountain Ranch

11am - 3 pm: PetSmart Cottonwood, Watermelon Mountain Ranch

11 am - 5 pm: Christmas in July, new and gently used household and Christmas items, Going to the Dogs (and Cats) Resale Shop, Cottonwood mall, upper level, Watermelon Mountain Ranch, continues on Sunday

noon - 5 pm: Going to the Dogs (& Cats) Resale Shop & Adoption Center, Cottonwood Mall, Watermelon Mountain Ranch


11 am - 5 pm: Christmas in July, new and gently used household and Christmas items, Going to the Dogs (and Cats) Resale Shop, Cottonwood mall, upper level, Watermelon Mountain Ranch

noon - 3 pm: PetSmart Cottonwood, Watermelon Mountain Ranch

noon - 5 pm: Going to the Dogs (& Cats) Resale Shop & Adoption Center, Cottonwood Mall, Watermelon Mountain Ranch

(event locations below)

On the Horizon

5:30 pm: Support the Santa Fe Animal Shelter in its mission to save lives by attending their fun-filled Barkin' Ball. Your leashed pooch is welcome to join you, too. This popular event features a gourmet dinner, live music and a photo booth for you and your canine companion. At the Santa Fe Farmers' Market Pavilion, 1607 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe. Tickets are available now!

We're always sniffing around for dog-related events. Let us know if you're having one!

Private Rescue Groups

Albuquerque Area

Almost Home NM

Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare

CARMA (Sandoval County)


HART (Homeless Animal Rescue Team)

NM Animal Friends
881-PAWS (881-7297)

NMDOG (was NM Dogs Deserve Better)


PAWS (People for Animal Welfare Society)

Pick of the Pound

Placitas Animal Rescue

Rio Grande Animal Humane Association
(Peralta),, 220-9839

Second Chance Animal Rescue


Sunflower Animal Rescue Sanctuary, 286-6302

Viva Animal Rescue

Watermelon Mountain Ranch (Bernalillo)

Santa Fe

Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary (Santa Fe)
Eldercare & Hospice

Northern New Mexico

Jemez Valley Animal Amigos

Southern New Mexico

Arctic Rescue SW (Arctic breeds, Alamogordo)

Cherished K-9 All Breed Rescue (Las Cruces)

Puppy Dog Ranch (Grant County)

Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary (Las Cruces)

Want a Dog, But You're Allergic?

woman sneezing
Which dogs might be best for you and your sinuses:

Dog Breeds Considered Good for Allergy Sufferers

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Wikipedia's Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Want a Dog But You're Allergic? Tips to Help

WebMD's Hypoallergenic Dogs and Dog Allergies: FAQ

Are You Actually Allergic?
(mention ABQDog to get your test for FREE!)

 Find the Best Breed for You!

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Local Animal Shelters

Albuquerque Animal Welfare
Eastside:   8920 Lomas NE, 768-1975

Westside:   11800 Sunset Gardens SW, 768-1975

Animal Humane Association of NM
Eastside (main):   615 Virginia SE, 255-5523

Westside:   10141 Coors Blvd. NW, 323-7387

Bernalillo County Animal Services
1136 Gatewood SW, Albuquerque
468-PETS (-7387)

Edgewood Animal Control
16 Municipal Way, Edgewood

Española Valley Humane Society
108 Hamm Parkway, Española

Rio Rancho Animal Control
3441 Northern Blvd., Rio Rancho

Sandoval County Animal Shelter
all animals are taken to Watermelon Mountain Ranch

Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society
100 Caja del Rio Road, Santa Fe

Torrance County Animal Shelter
83 Galloway Road, Moriarty

Valencia County Animal Control
1209 Hwy 314, Los Lunas

Southern NM

High Desert Humane Society (Silver City)

Humane Society of El Paso

Humane Society of Southern NM (Las Cruces)

Luna County Humane Society/Deming Animal Shelter (Deming)

Pet Guardian Angels (El Paso)

Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary (Las Cruces)

Search Online for Your New Best Friend

Adopt A Pet

Having a loyal and devoted best friend, whose main goal is to make you happy, is pretty hard to resist. Add in the wonderful companionship, safety, and goofiness that dogs provide, and it's a no-brainer for us dog lovers. But if you have someone who's on the fence about whether to get a dog, here are some of their many benefits:

Breed Rescue Groups

Patricia Bouldin, 345-4889
Sarah Simpson, 316-214-3086
Affenpinscher Club of America

Alice DeGroot, 847-2868
Barbara Divers, 281-8682,
Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue

Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue,
  Dorothy Duff, 281-5165,
National Airedale Rescue

Akita Rescue of America

Alaskan Malamutes
Polaris Alaskan Malamute Rescue

American Eskimos
Heart Bandits,
  Dan Senke-Rocka, executive director
Sabine & Joe Ussery, 549-6827,

American Water Spaniels
Paul Olsen (WA), 509-747-5726,
American Water Spaniel Rescue

Anatolian Shepherds
Diane Shambley (national),
Carleen Conyers (president),
National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue

Australian Cattle Dogs
Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare
Shirley Macey (southern NM),

Australian Shepherds
Aussie Rescue
Kevin Vaughn, 265-4045,

Australian Terriers
S. Adams,

Basenji Rescue and Transport

Basset Hounds
Elizabeth Moorhead, 242-2239,
All Ears Basset Sanctuary

Bearded Collies
Pat McDonald, 681-8255,

Bedlington Terriers
NM Bedlington Terrier Rescue

Belgian Malinois
American Belgian Malinois Club Rescue

Bichon Frise
NM Small Paws Rescue

Border Terriers
Border Terrier Club of America Rescue

Boston Terriers
Boston Terrier Rescue NM
  Mitzi Hobson, 463-8453
Shelby West, 323-2377

Boxer Rescue of Albuquerque

Central New Mexico Brittany Rescue

Bull Dogs
Bulldog Rescue Network

Cairn Terriers
Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, 294-8218
Cairn Rescue League (national)

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Rescue

Chihuahua Rescue & Transport
Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue

Cocker Spaniels
Cocker Spaniel Rescue of NM

Southwest Collie Rescue

NM Dachshund Rescue

Doberman Pinschers
Doberman Rescue of NM

Eastside Herding & Small Dog Rescue
Tama Neilson-Trujillo, 268-4329,

English Setters
Wendy Johnson
  842-0913(h), 720-7432(m)

Finnish Spitz
Leslie Carlson-Eliot (Los Alamos),

French Bulldogs
Kelly Chappel, 864-9542,
French Bulldog Rescue

German Shepherds
Kathy Gonsey, 877-7352,
German Shepherd Rescue of Southern NM
American German Shepherd Rescue

German Shorthair Pointers
Linda Stake, 294-7948
Mile High German Shorthair Pointer Rescue (Colorado)

Golden Retrievers
Golden Retriever Rescue of NM
Dianne Uzdawannis, 856-6658,
Debbra Colman, 343-0476,
Melanie Scholer, 898-8023,
Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso

Gordon Setters
Susan Coffey (Moriarty), 832-9401
Gordon Setter Club of America Rescue

Great Danes
Rock Mountain Great Dane Rescue
Big Dogs Huge Paws (Midwest & West)

Great Pyrenees
Patricia Court, 821-8394,
  301-0117 (m)
Susie Hunter, 281-1926
Nancy Taber, 281-1166
Liz Gober, 869-7021,
Great Pyrenees Rescue & Sanctuary
National Great Pyrenees Rescue

Greyhound Adoption League of TX & NM

Irish Setters
Irish Setter Rescue of North Texas
Save Our Setters

Irish Wolfhounds
Alice DeGroot, 847-2868
Alison Sanders (Santa Fe), 983-6235
Deborah Sanders (Cimarron),
Gentle Giants Rescue & Adoptions

Jack Russell Terrier
Dee Turner

Corey Andries, 962-0461
Norm Wilson (Los Alamos), 662-9544
Keeshond Rescue

Anne & Reuben Collado
  869-4907 (h), 217-5051 (m)

Lakeland Terriers
Sara Peterka (local coordinator),
Judy McKissick (regional coordinator),

Lap Dogs
Lap Dog Rescue of NM, 934-2202

Lhasa Apsos
Linda Jarrett, 293-5120
Brian Lannan (California), 909-621-7371,
National Lhasa Apso Rescue

Mountain States Mastiff Rescue
Friends of Rescued Mastiffs
  Friends of Rescued Mastiffs Hotline,
  Anne Healy, 281-930-0706

Miniature Pinschers
Boni Galarneau, 710-8400
Fran Kanipe, 281-4255, 844-1121
Wendy Boyette (TX)
  915-886-3398, 915-525-1615 (m)

Liz Gober & John Bach, 869-7021
Reena Fair (Farmington), 326-3378
Rocky Mountain Newfoundland Rescue
High Country Newfoundland Rescue
  (CO, NM, UT, WY)
Newfoundland Club of America Rescue Network

Norwegian Elkhounds
Fran Kanipe, 281-4255, 844-1121
Wendy Boyette (TX)
  915-886-3398, 915-525-1615 (m)
Norwegian Elkhound Rescue

Papillon Haven Rescue
Tracy Burdick (Denver), 303-985-7777,

Pekingese Charitable Foundation
Linda Jarrett, 293-5120

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens
Sherry Thommen (Santa Fe),
Kathy Zavodjanick (Regional Coordinator),

Pharoah Hounds
Pam Haig

Pit Bulls (American Staffordshire Terrier)
Babes & Bullies
Maggie Amacker, 294-1329
Pit Bull Rescue Central
Reena Fair (Farmington), 505-326-3378

Enchanted Poodle Club Rescue
Tamara Nugent (toy & miniature poodles; any small breed)
  873-2124, 688-6150,
Mary Leech (standard only), 296-3489,
Katherine Bryce (Santa Fe, standard only), 505-670-6026,

NM Pug Rescue, 553-6910
El Paso Pug Rescue

Anne & Reuben Collado,
  869-4907, 217-5051 (cell)

Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue
Texas Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue
National Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue

NM Rottweiler Rescue

St. Bernards
Colorado St. Bernard Rescue
St. Bernard Rescue

Janet Noll, 751-9247 (w),
  737-0868 (h),

Michelle Jakle, 505-470-1138 (Santa Fe)
Mary Carlson (Jemez Springs),
  505-238-5791, 505-829-9173,

Chile Dog Schipperke Rescue
  Jaclyn Sinclair, 822-1783
Robert/Lois Atchison (Tularosa),
  505-443-3349 or 505-443-3850,

Anne Apicella,
Alan Duhon, 294-2790,
Arizona Schnauzer Rescue

Scottish Deerhounds
Alice DeGroot, 847-2868
Mary Tidwell (Santa Fe), 505-982-2961
Scottish Deerhound Club Rescue & Placement

Scottish Terriers
Ann Rowlison, 501-1251 (m)
  455-3504 (h),
Scottie Kingdom Rescue (Texas)

Shar Peis
Kind Heart Shar Pei Rescue, 292-3842,

Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties)
Don/Kathy Schink (Tijeras), 286-0582 or

Siberian Huskies
Siberian Husky Rescue of NM
Steve Estep, 264-2514,

Silky Terriers
Tarianne Gallegos, 350-8040 (m),
Andrea Hawley Eillis, 345-5245,

Springer Spaniels (English), 286-7915
Lynda Burns (coordinates NM Springer Spaniels for US Springer Spaniel rescues)
English Springer Rescue of America

English Springer Rescue of America

Tibetan Terriers
Ruth Davis (Placitas), 867-4510

Second Chance Viszla Rescue (Colorado)
Trisha Fleischer (AZ/NM),
  480-390-2208 (m),

Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue

Karen Wilkins, 384-5477,
Morgan Taylor (Tularosa), 575-585-2422,
Whippet Rescue and Placement

Yorkshire Terriers
Lap Dog Rescue
Andrea Ellis, 345-5245
Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue

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Event Locations

Albuquerque Animal Welfare
  Eastside: 8920 Lomas NE, 768-1975
  Westside: 11800 Sunset Gardens SW, 768-1975

Animal Humane | NM:
  main: 615 Virginia SE, 255-5523
  Westside: 10141 Coors Blvd. NW, 323-7387

Beck 'n Call
9308 Susan Ave SE, 243-2117

Best Pets Pet Food
3500 Menaul Blvd NE, 881-4347

Boofy's Best
8201 Golf Course Rd. NW, Ste C-2, 890-0757

Clark's Pet Emporium
  Lomas: 4914 Lomas Blvd NE, 268-5977
  Menaul: 11200 Menaul Blvd NE, 293-5977

Everyday Adoption Center (at PetSmart Eubank)
350 Eubank NE, 298-4122

Going to the Dogs (and Cats) Resale Store
  Cottonwood Mall, upper level
  4405 Jager Dr, Rio Rancho, 867-5347
  136 Calle de Presidente, Bernalillo, 850-2578

Lucky Paws
6600 Menaul NE (SW corner of Coronado Mall)

Petco Academy
San Mateo & Academy NE, 797-1910

Petco Lomas
10700 Lomas NE, 296-0978

Petco West
3601 Old Airport Road NW, 898-2450
  (just south of 528, between Ellison and Coors)

Petco Santa Fe
2006 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, 424-1667

6600 Holly Ave. NE, 821-7387

7200 Montgomery NE, Suite C, 888-2059

PetSmart Academy
8070 Academy NE (at Wyoming), 796-0561

PetSmart Costco
1424 Mercantile NE (near Costco), 341-2431

PetSmart Cottonwood
10248 Coors Bypass NW, 792-1772

PetSmart Eubank
350 Eubank NE, 298-4122

PetSmart Santa Fe
3561 Zafarano Dr., Santa Fe, 471-5255

PetSmart Taylor Ranch
5600 Coors, 348-3997

PetSmart Winrock
2100 Louisiana Blvd. NE Suite 322, 313-8089

Pet Food Gone Wild
2415 Southern SE, Rio Rancho, 994-0101

Pet Vet Market
  Eubank: 3732 Eubank NE, 296-7200
  Montgomery: 11200 Montgomery NE, 296-7200

Satellite Coffee Alameda
1640 Alameda Blvd. NW, 899-1001

Sprouts Market San Mateo
6300 San Mateo NE (at Academy), 821-7000

Sprouts Market Lomas
933 San Mateo NE (at Lomas), 268-5127

Sprouts Market Westside
Alameda & Corrales Rd., 890-7900

Teca Tu
Sanbusco Center, 500 Montezuma Ave., Santa Fe,

Three Dog Bakery
9821 Montgomery NE, 294-2300

Valley Vetco
413 Montaño Rd NE, Suite A, 344-0780

Vet-co Menaul
8200 Menaul Blvd NE #R, 292-3030

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