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Albuquerque dog stuff for people

Dog Jewelry

Dallas Pridgen Jewelry
unique, hand-crafted jewelry in gold and sterling silver

Dog Jewelry by Arfworks
charms, bracelets, earrings and a lot more for the dog lover in your life

Lyn Gaylord
beautiful sterling silver buckles and accessories in a variety of breeds

pendants, earrings, charms, pins, bracelets, rings, accessories

Dog Cards

Sloppy Kiss Cards
a truly great e-card resource with good art, funny content, and nice music

"Say it with dogs!" funny and motivational dog posters & greeting cards

Et Cetera

ASPCA mugs, t-shirts, and a touching print of a rescue dog who gave his life at the World Trade Center

Bella Company
artistic prints, paintings, and other beautiful dog-related items

Best Friends Store
Best Friends t-shirts, leashes, earrings, cards, and more

Dog Stuff
dog wind chimes, wooden toy boxes and feeders, and more

Dog Lover Heaven
jewelry, ornaments and gifts for dog lovers

Grounds & Hounds Coffee
not coffee for dogs (more energy?!), but the Portland-based company donates 20% of all proceeds to their rescue partners working to make no-kill shelters a reality. Drink coffee, save dogs!

Humane Society of the US Store
HSUS t-shirts, mugs, jewelry, totes, and more

Stained Glass Wow
stained & etched glass dogs, dog jewelry, other breed-specific items

The Unexpected Pit Bull
A non-profit organization that creates, markets and sells items that celebrate pit bulls. They donate 100% of their net proceeds to pit bull rescue, education, and advocacy projects

Unusual Dog Stuff

Bow-Lingual Dog Translator
want to find out what your dog is saying?

custom felted or plush miniatures of your dog

Dicky Bag
solves the problem of what to do with the bag after you've responsibly picked up after your dog: store it in the air-tight compartment (complete with air freshener) until you find a trash container--clever idea, stylish solution

Dog Meditation CD
guided meditation for dogs, a meditation program specifically designed for dogs from a dog's perspective

Dog-Powered Scooter
don't do all the work while your pooch prances around you

For Dog Trainers
Everything a dog trainer needs: padded collars and harnesses, handmade leashes, and more.

Memories in Crystal
carves life-like images of your dogs into crystal--beautiful!

Pet Pro
breed-specific gifts, including calendars, signs, watches, and more

Piutre Pets
the world's most realistic plush animals...hand made in Italy

Signs with an Attitude
lots of breed-specific signs and more

People Wearables

Fetch Eyewear
No dog glasses, I'm afraid, but "Fetch Eyewear has pledged to donate all profits to the Pixie Project to improve animal welfare through rescue, veterinary care and education." So why not buy your glasses where the proceeds go to help dogs?

Playful Pups Sneakers
Women's canvas sneakers with pix of your favorite breed

Dog Totes

Harry Barker
good looking, classy items for you and your dogs: bone-shaped towels, robes, and really nice totes

Puchi Bag
backpacks and totes to take your small dog with you in style

Dog Checks, Labels, & Notepads

Bradford Dog Checks
puppy checks, rescued checks, checks by breed, and more

Check Gallery
colorfully drawn pooches, along with charity checks.

Dog-ology checks from Checks in the Mail
four cute pooch pix adorn this series of checks.

Family Labels
mailing labels with tons of possible doggy and human faces to choose from

notepads and shopping lists featuring your favorite photo -- great gift idea for you or someone else!

Superior Labels
address labels featuring a wide variety of dog breeds
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The Artistic Dog

beautiful digital portraits from your dog's photograph

Mark Ulriksen
nationally famous artist and creator of many New Yorker covers, has some incredible doggy art, all of which can be made into an archival art print

Stephen Huneck Gallery
fine art featuring dogs: sculptures so real your dog will be sniffing them, along with portraits only a dog-lover could create (his New England gallery even includes a dog chapel)
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The Dog Library

"The Modern Dog Culture Magazine" and our favorite dog periodical with high-caliber writing, cartoons, and art

"All things dog," with books on every aspect of dogdom

Fido Friendly
"The Travel Magazine for You and Your Dog" features travel tips for destinations around the globe

Manzanita Seed
Corrales trial attorney, Ed Goodman, has turned his legal background and love for dogs into a story about 62-year-old Anastasio Quintana who discovers love and joy for the first time, after rescuing a desperate, abandoned, and injured dog. Set in a small town in New Mexico, Manzanita Seed combines legal intrigue, family drama, and personal transformation. Sounds like a book I want to read!

Melanie Travis Mystery Series
Come along on the journey with "puppy wrangler" Melanie Travis as she searches for the latest murderer in her dog-themed mystery series.

Sleepytown Beagles series
local Beagle-loving author, Tim Glass' children book series, Sleepytown Beagles, is a journey into a peaceful, calm and secure place where children can feel safe and sleepy. Hailed by psychologists as "A captivating, healing, and educational bedtime story that will have your kids to Sleepytown in no time."

Two Dog Press
a "virtual dog house specializing in fun, frisky dog books and gifts."
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last updated on July 1, 2022
links last checked on July 1, 2022