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dog news

Dog News

Dog News

New Emergency Vet for Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department

[June 30, 2017] - The City of Albuquerque's Animal Welfare Department has announced that it has a new after-hours emergency partner. Route 66 Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Center, 136 Washington SE (Ste B), 266-RT66 (-7866), is accepting after-hours emergencies for the shelter, so if you need emergency care after hours for an injured stray or an animal you have adopted or reclaimed, go to Route 66 Veterinary Clinic.

Parvo Cases on the Uprise

[April 30, 2017] - Animal Humane New Mexico is seeing an uptick in the deadly virus, Parvo, according to a report from KRQE. It affects unvaccinated puppies and dogs, is highly contagious, and often fatal. Be sure your puppy or dog is vaccinated against Parvo. Signs of this virus include:
  • lethargy
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • abdominal
If your puppy or dog exhibits any of these behaviors, see your vet immediately. For more information on symptoms and treatment, the report links to a comprehensive page on the American Veterinarians website.

Animal Humane | NM is expanding!

[February 2, 2017] - There's something afoot at Animal Humane | NM. They were able to purchase nearby plots of land and have already installed two new grass agility fields and introduced a training center at The Center at Animal Humane. This Spring, they'll begin renovation of buildings to create a Behavior Training Center, then add a boarding and doggy daycare center, finishing off with a Puppy Pre-School and a training center for humans. How lucky we are to have such a devoted group helping the homeless animals of Albuquerque!



[September 15th, 2016] - Belated kudos go to these local businesses for helping area dogs:
  • Doggie Den and VCA Animal Hospitals for their free boarding of animals displaced by this summer's Dog Head fire
  • ReCARnation for coming to the aid of NMDOG when its rescue van gave up the ghost. This great company gave them a loaner van to use while they put in a brand new engine, performed a top to bottom to front to back life extension service, and full detailing inside and out. All free! That's the kind of company I want to support.

ABQ Gun Shop Sponsors Coyote Slaughter

ABQ Gun Store Sponsors Coyote-Killing "Contest"

[November 16, 2012]   Using the convoluted excuse of "saving tax dollars," Beau from Gunhawk Firearms (865-3500), rationalizes the slaughter of thousands of coyotes in his store's imminent coyote-killing "contest." "We don't hate coyotes," he explained, but "the USDA kills thousands every year, so why waste tax dollars when we can use it as a way to introduce families to hunting." It is impossible to equate "not hating coyotes" with "paying people to murder them." Please check the APNM website for ways to speak out against this atrocity, which reinforces the idea of New Mexico as a land of ignorant, gun-happy yahoos where no civilized person would want to visit. This is not hunting for food, it's killing for sport, which is absolutely despicable.

[November 23, 2012] UPDATE: KOB reported that fewer than 50 coyotes were murdered in this so-called "contest," and, while hunters were brave with a gun against a defenseless animal, they were too humiliated to even appear on camera, hiding behind boxes or buildings in shame. This hunt has brought national and international ridicule and scorn to NM:

  Washington Post

  Miami Herald

  CNS News

  The Republic

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