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dog news

Dog News

Dog News

Animal Humane | NM is expanding!

[February 2, 2017] - There's something afoot at Animal Humane | NM. They were able to purchase nearby plots of land and have already installed two new grass agility fields and introduced a training center at The Center at Animal Humane. This Spring, they'll begin renovation of buildings to create a Behavior Training Center, then add a boarding and doggy daycare center, finishing off with a Puppy Pre-School and a training center for humans. How lucky we are to have such a devoted group helping the homeless animals of Albuquerque!

Tijeras Trying to Take Service Dog

[October 24, 2016] - It's now national news that the Village of Tijeras is trying to illegally remove a boy's service dog to euthanize him, just because he's part pit bull. Although this is forbidden by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Councilor Felix Garcia is taking a long-time vendetta and using it to ban these wonderful dogs. According to a story in the Albuquerque Journal, a close friend of Garcia's had a horrendous run-in with pit bulls trained for fighting, so it's personal for him, even though this friend opposes bans on pit bulls.

Breed-specific legislation does not work, which is why so many organizations like the American Bar Association (ABA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the National Animal Care and Control Association (NACA) have all rejected breed discrimination. To complain about this misguided ban, contact Tijeras city government.



[September 15th, 2016] - Belated kudos go to these local businesses for helping area dogs:
  • Doggie Den and VCA Animal Hospitals for their free boarding of animals displaced by this summer's Dog Head fire
  • ReCARnation for coming to the aid of NMDOG when its rescue van gave up the ghost. This great company gave them a loaner van to use while they put in a brand new engine, performed a top to bottom to front to back life extension service, and full detailing inside and out. All free! That's the kind of company I want to support.

Summer Means Camps!

[May 23rd, 2016] - Both Animal Humane NM and Dogwood Therapy are offering summer camps for young dog lovers. Check out Animal Humane's Camp Humane or Dogwood Therapy's Summer 2016 (pdf) for more information.

City Council Strengthens Dangerous Dog Ordinance

[May 23rd, 2016] - KRQE reports that Albuquerque City Councilors voted to give more power to the city to seize dangerous dogs. The law now requires city animal welfare officers to immediately take any dog that kills or seriously hurts a person or a pet, says the story.

Animal Humane Goes West

[March 30, 2016] - Animal Humane has announced the opening of their Westside Adoption Center (pictured at right) at 10141 Coors Blvd. NW. This 2200 square feet facility will house 6-8 canines and 8-10 felines at a time.

In addition to bringing adoptable pets to the Westside, Long Leash on Life will have a store where new adopters can buy their accessories. Great job, Animal Humane, in making it easier to adopt homeless dogs and cats on the Westside!

Animal Humane's new Westside Adoption Center

Long Leash on Life Donates Monumental Amount of Food to Animal Food Banks

Long Leash on Life fills parking lot with food donated to local animal groups

Long Leash on Life's Parking Lot Full of Food Donations
Long Leash on Life donated to 27 rescues

Long Leash on Life Donated to 27 Rescue Groups

[March 3, 2016] - Last December, the ever-generous Long Leash on Life donated 70,000 pounds (!) of dog/cat food to local animal food banks and rescue organizations in response to their overwhelming needs. Local owners, Ken Wormser and Norm Strout, have been long-time, supportive friends to the ABQ animal community.

Albuquerque animal food banks served thousands of companion animals in 2015, a significant increase over previous years. Despite their best efforts, most food banks can't keep up with this growing demand, thereby increasing the risk of animals being given up or abandoned. A significant series of food donations from Long Leash On Life has brought relief to many under-nourished local cats and dogs. “We're dedicated to helping these less-fortunate animals,” states Norm Shrout. “Our ongoing animal welfare commitments have recently surpassed $150,000, which include cash and in-kind donations to local rescue organizations as well as Animal Humane New Mexico.” We in the local animal community are extremely lucky to have such caring and generous people in our city. Thanks, Norm and Ken!

ABQ Gun Shop Sponsors Coyote Slaughter

ABQ Gun Store Sponsors Coyote-Killing "Contest"

[November 16, 2012]   Using the convoluted excuse of "saving tax dollars," Beau from Gunhawk Firearms (865-3500), rationalizes the slaughter of thousands of coyotes in his store's imminent coyote-killing "contest." "We don't hate coyotes," he explained, but "the USDA kills thousands every year, so why waste tax dollars when we can use it as a way to introduce families to hunting." It is impossible to equate "not hating coyotes" with "paying people to murder them." Please check the APNM website for ways to speak out against this atrocity, which reinforces the idea of New Mexico as a land of ignorant, gun-happy yahoos where no civilized person would want to visit. This is not hunting for food, it's killing for sport, which is absolutely despicable.

[November 23, 2012] UPDATE: KOB reported that fewer than 50 coyotes were murdered in this so-called "contest," and, while hunters were brave with a gun against a defenseless animal, they were too humiliated to even appear on camera, hiding behind boxes or buildings in shame. This hunt has brought national and international ridicule and scorn to NM:

  Washington Post

  Miami Herald

  CNS News

  The Republic

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