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Albuquerque Dog Travel

Dog Travel

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What to Bring

  • sun shield for where your dogs will be riding
  • extra towels
  • any medications your dogs are taking
  • individual servings of canned food to mix with their standard kibble for a finicky eater
  • First Aid Kit!

Before the Trip

  • walk your dog before setting out--she'll work off some energy and settle down more quickly in the car
  • if your dog tends to get carsick, feed him little or nothing before the trip
  • make sure your dog has a sturdy collar with ID tags including your home phone number; your vet can implant a microchip (a quick, painless, and inexpensive process) in your dog, in case her tags fall off

During the Trip

  • take walk breaks every couple of hours--more frequently with young dogs
  • make sure your dog has adequate ventilation, and appropriate heating or air conditioning
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last updated on May 17, 2022

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